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About Beach City Lifestyle

Our Mission

We set out each day to bring to you all the great people, places, and things in the South Bay area of So Cal and beyond. Incorporating beach, as well as a city lifestyle in our features and calendar, we aim to tell you about the latest happenings from Palos Verdes to Malibu and the beaches of Santa Monica to Pasadena. We appreciate great food, style, fashion, travel and how Southern Californians incorporate those things into their everyday lives. Our intention is to highlight the beach+ city lifestyle and all the interesting people and places and things that we discover everyday.

Our Team

Teri Roughen: Founder + Editor + Creative Director
Theresa Dykes: Art Director + Market Editor
Penny Cordero: Photography


Copy Editors and Regular Contributors:


Shelley Hudson

Stacy Wong


Aili David


 please send ideas to beachcitymail{at}gmail{dot}com 

General Feedback/Questions
 We value your suggestions and we are constantly looking to make the site more efficient and informative. If you have general comments that you would like to share, please send them to: beachcitymail{at}gmail{dot}com

To contact us with questions or to say hello email beachcitymail{at}gmail{dot}com