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June 2011

Holiday Weekend

Beach City Life Style - Holiday Weekend

 May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country!  ~Daniel Webster

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend! Read more about Holiday Weekend

Before 'n' After

Stripe Skirts

 I have a thing for stripes and I think these skirts by Anne M. Cramer are simply stripe-tastic! stripeskirts.jpg   Read more about Stripe Skirts

Walnut Paperie and Nest Candles

I recently discovered Walnut Paperie and ordered these note cards with the striped interior envelopes. I think they are so simple and sweet. Also, recently, Nest Fragrances was so kind to send me their Beach candle and their Pineapple Mango scented candle. Both of which are currently burning in my house and making it smell like a tropical paradise Read more about Walnut Paperie and Nest Candles


I didn't know anything about LeRoy until this past weekend after I learned about his memorial tribute being held in Hermosa Beach. Turns out he was a pretty amazing guy who was really the first "surfing photographer" taking surf and beach photos back in the day before surfing magazines even existed. 

LeRoy Grannis 1917- 2011 Read more about Surf-Beach-Photos

Olive & Cocoa

Beach City Life Style - Olive & Cocoa

Olive & Cocoa is one of the prettiest mail order catalogs I've seen.  You can order on-line as well, but the catalog is so much fun to look at. They specialize in great gifts for every occasion that come wonderfully packaged in their signature wood box. It's an easy and thoughtful way to send a beautiful gift to someone. www.oliveandcocoa.com

__ Read more about Olive & Cocoa

Thank You

Beach City Life & Style

Happy Friday everyone! I just wanted to take this day to thank all of you who stop here and take the time to read my blog. It means a lot and I am so grateful that you do. I find I'm writing more about my life than I first set out to, but my intent is still the same which is to bring attention to the wonderful people, places, and things of this area where I live. It makes my heart sing when I get emails, tweets, or comments about something you enjoyed on the blog. I love hearing from you. Now go and have a fabulous, laughter-filled, sunny weekend!   Teri Read more about Thank You

Clean, Repair, and Sew

Beach City Life Style - Clean, Repair, and Sew


JB French Cleaners

For dry cleaning draperies, I found JB French Cleaners in Culver City to be very good. They came highly recommended by someone who does a lot of sewing and handling of drapery fabrics (they also pick-up and deliver). 


If you have denim new or old that needs patching, repairing, or taken-in, Ruff-Cut on Pico in Los Angeles does a really great job of making your denim last. For repairs, I just mail my item to them and they return it all fixed.

Sew Creative Cafe

Redondo Beach has sewing classes! I haven't done this yet, but if you have a sewing machine sitting in your cupboard having never been used, this might be fun to try. Read more about Clean, Repair, and Sew


Beach City Life & Style

There are times when I feel nostalgic for things that were once the norm and now are only found in old photographs, in piles at antique stores and flea markets, or are no longer considered necessary. My husband likes to say, "These are the good old days" to remind me that someday I'll look back at this point in time and say, "Remember when...."  While I love email, digital photos, ipods, and the world at my fingertips, I somehow wish we could combine twenty-first century luxuries without forgoing things like handwritten letters, dressing for dinner, good manners, courtships, corsages, and hearing the sound of a needle on a record album.  Read more about Nostalgia

First Day of Summer

Beach City Life & Style

I didn't want this summer to go by before I had a chance to savor some of the things that make this season special. So, I went ahead and made a list of some summer-to-dos that I either normally wouldn't do, have always wanted to do, or never got around to doing. 

  1. Make a berry pie
  2. Attend a "Concert in the Park" at Polliwog Park
  3. Finish pending house projects
  4. Find a great spot for a picnic
  5. Read a good book (or two)
  6. Go on a scenic hike
  7. Enjoy the sunsets more often 
  8. Try out some restaurants on my ever growing list 

What's on your summer-to-do list? Read more about First Day of Summer