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Playa Provisions

Beach City Life Style - Playa Provisions


The wait is over! Playa del Rey’s highly anticipated Brooke Williamson/Nick Roberts restaurant project Playa Provisions is slinging whiskey, scooping homemade ice cream, baking bread for artisanal sandwiches, and chowdering, casinoing, grilling, and steaming seafood of all varieties. We already know and love the duo’s Hudson House and The Tripel, so hopes were high when Beach City Lifestyle Editor Teri Roughen and I attended a menu preview just before opening night. Read more about Playa Provisions

Nick Shattuck

Beach City Life Style - Nick Shattuck

Growing up in the South Bay and being able to spend every summer enjoying the beaches literally from sun up to sun down, one can take for granted this lifestyle. When you meet someone who would pack up everything they own leaving their family and everything they've known behind just to live the beach-city life and pursue their dreams, it's important to recognize the magnitude of that.  It's a realization of being fortunate enough to have grown up in a place others dream about living, but also sheds light on the perserverance on one's part to make the decision to leave home and find their way in an unknown place. Nick Shattuck did just that when he left his small town in Wisconsin. "I think I always had an urge to leave," is what he told me after I asked him about making that decision. After falling in love with Southern California and continuing on his path of singer/songwriter, he knew this was the place he wanted to settle. Read more about Nick Shattuck


Beach City Life Style - Settebello

If you’re like me, you’re giddy at the prospect of a widespread high-end pizza epidemic. In recent years, Los Angeles has enjoyed the openings of several instantly-famous pizzerias that have elevated the humble pie to gourmet status. With recent additions to our South Bay pizzascape, including Pitfire and Grimaldi’s, we, too, have been introduced to paparazzi-worthy pizza. Marina del Rey’s Settebello is one such addition, boasting credentials exported directly from Naples, Italy. Read more about Settebello

Poise Fitness

Beach City Life Style - Poise Fitness

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to kick us in the booty and get us back on track with our workouts. However, we want our exercise to come with results, to come quickly, hopefully pain free, and we want to have some fun while doing it. Thankfully Poise Fitness in Hermosa Beach has taken all of that into consideration for us. Upon entering Poise one gets an immediate sense that this place has energy but not in a frenetic way. It's a "good" energy. Partners Justin, Rachel, and Rashad have come up with a fabulous method for getting us in shape and each session is just an hour!  They do it with equal parts strength training, cardio, and functional movement. Read more about Poise Fitness

The Hook & Plow

Beach City Life Style - Hook and Plow


The latest in the string of farm-to-table eateries to open its doors to all of us hungry beach people is Hermosa Beach’s The Hook & Plow. Part bistro, part beer garden, part evening café, this central Pier Avenue spot is about to become your local hang.

Most of The Hook & Plow’s dining tables are situated on the sunny patio, and the setting is low-key and flip-flop friendly. The beer and wine bar is stocked with an impressive all-SoCal variety. A fun selection of “mock-tails” (made from wine-based vodka) adds an artisanal flair to the beverage menu. Read more about The Hook & Plow