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Chocoloate Easter Egss

Beach City Life Style - Raw Chocoloate Easter Egss

Easter is here along with an onslaught of candy treats in many shapes and sizes.  If you would like to ditch the GMOs and corn syrup this year I have a delicious chocolate alternative that’s raw, healthy and simple to prepare.  

Raw chocolate almond coconut “eggs”…a recipe that is both vegan and paleo friendly.  And by raw I mean no cooking.  How great is that?  Not only does it preserve the nutrient value of the ingredients, it makes this recipe quick to prepare and easy to adjust tastes as you stir. 

Raw Chocolate Almond Coconut Eggs

2 cups raw almonds (grind in a food processor)
¼ cup raw cacao powder
½ tsp pink salt
1 Tbsp cinnamon
2 Tbsp coconut oil (liquid form)
2 tsp vanilla
¼ c Grade B maple syrup (grade B is darker, richer, more complex and contains more minerals)
Shredded coconut (to roll the eggs in) Read more about Chocoloate Easter Egss

Beach Bites: The Tripel

Beach City Life Style - Beach Bites: The Tripel

By now most of us have found our way to Hudson House, the jam-packed-from-opening-time Redondo Beach uber cool hangout. After co-owner and executive chef Brooke Williamson impressed audiences on Top Chef, the place became an overnight South Bay institution. Much the same can be said for Williamson’s other neighborhood gastropub The Tripel in Playa del Rey.
I recently enjoyed a late afternoon meetup at The Tripel with two friends, and we made the most of the delightfully creative, market-driven menu and frenetic shoulder-to-shoulder mini social scene. I say “mini” because this place is small—really small. The lack of square footage actually contributes to the charm, however. All the seating is communal, so meeting new people is inevitable and expected. The tables and bar stools fill up shortly after the 5:00 p.m. weekday opening, so I recommend early arrival.
Read more about Beach Bites: The Tripel

easter brunch

Beach City Life Style - easter brunch

Easter is one of the best seasonal days of the year to plan and host a brunch. It can be a simple affaire with a few colorful touches and easily prepared food and drink. Here are a few of our tips for hosting an Easter Brunch along with some amazing handmade gifts and decor to add to your table or to bring your hostess-


Choose a Theme and Decorate - Keep decorations simple. Incorporate eggs (real, wood, or ceramic) and candies as part of your theme.  All kinds of fresh flowers are abundant now, so use them generously on the table and throughout the house. Add easy-care succulents or air plants in pretty pots for table décor.  Use bright, geometric disposable tableware and utensils for easy setup and cleanup.

  Read more about easter brunch


Beach City Life Style - waverly

Some shopping experiences are like being in your most stylish friend's closet and wanting everything they have. That is what it's like shopping at Waverly Boutique in Manhattan Beach. Owner Marissa Marsh is just like that most stylish girlfriend only she selects everything for the boutique, and perusing all her great finds you feel like you've hit the jackpot. From season to season, Marissa scours showrooms to bring to the shop the latest and greatest of what's out there straight to Waverly. From great jewelry, to hats, to bags, to shoes, dresses, and separates you'll find what you need for every occasion. Before the summer weather hits, Marissa has her eye on pieces to bring to her customers that will fit for a day at the beach, a festival weekend, or a cruise in the Mediterranean. Her keen eye has her on the lookout constantly for the next season's inspirational pieces. Read more about waverly

Doma Kitchen

Beach City Life Style - Doma Kitchen

We've written about Doma Kitchen before, but just wanted to give you all a little reminder. We were invited to a lovely tasting and wanted to share some of our favorites- Read more about Doma Kitchen