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4 charities we love

Beach City Life Style - 4 charities we love

The South Bay of So Cal is a giving population with many wonderful charities and organizations that were begun by locals to serve and fill a need. These are just 4 of the many special groups that we're listing today, and we know there are so many more that constantly need help, volunteers, and support: 

Surfrider Foundation whose mission is is the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Started by 3 people in Malibu 25 years ago, Surfrider Foundation is near and dear to Southern Californians and beach lovers alike. They have many programs and campaigns including local chapters to get involved in and help educate about ocean health and the wildlife it houses, conservation, and preserving natural reefs and surf spots from disappearing, plus so much more! Read more about 4 charities we love

Good Gab- Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Beach City Life Style - calligraphy

We have so many creatives from the Beach Cities. One of them  is Laura Hooper-Leader, whose passion for lettering and calligraphy began at age 12. Since then, Laura has worked with countless brides and grooms on their wedding invitations and stationery.  Her art of lettering is also well published in many wedding magazines and publications. We got a chance to gab a bit with Laura and find out a little more about her business.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business.

Hi! I’m Laura Hooper-Leader and I own Laura Hooper Calligraphy. I have been in business for over 12 years working with brides, wedding planners and various clients looking to give their entertaining a special touch of hand-written calligraphy.

Specifically, what do you make or do? Read more about Good Gab- Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Nicole Leigh of Left Beach Fotos

Beach City Life Style - Nicole Leigh of Left Beach Photos

As residents of the beach cities, we can sometimes take the ocean that's right outside our door for granted. Nicole Leigh of Left Beach Fotos has a local business which brings the beach to everyone and creates lifelong personal memories with her photographs. We dropped in on Nicole to see first hand how she creates and to ask her a little bit about what she does and how she stays inspired. 

Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business-
My name is Nicole Leigh and I am the owner and artistic photographer of left.beach.fotos.
Taking the natural beauty of the ocean, a lifelong love for the beach, a creative eye for photography and an ambitious spirit, these things were the foundation for how my business was built. Read more about Nicole Leigh of Left Beach Fotos

Bikinis, Covers, and Bettinis

Beach City Life Style - Bikinis, Covers, and Bettinis

Bikinis are the talk of the nation as of late with the presentation of the 50th anniversary SI cover. We couldn't let the opportunity pass without mentioning that the winning cover shot has one of the models (Chrissy Teigen) wearing our friend Bettina's creation! We featured Bettinis Bikinis here a couple years ago and they still remain a best selling swimsuit line. We're so proud of South Bay local, Bettina Bell, and all her success!



{SI cover shot by James Macari for Sports Illustrated/photo used w/out permission} Read more about Bikinis, Covers, and Bettinis

Savvy Girl: Brittany Deal

Beach City Life Style - Savvy Girl: Brittany Deal

"In 2010 I took a leave of absence to get perspective. My time in Bolivia was part of this four month sabbatical where I searched for perspective and meaning in life, and ended up finding Savvy Girl.   I came back to Los Angeles after the sabbatical and worked in the same job for another year while I planned out Savvy Girl. I read everything I could find, I filled up notebooks with ideas, I took classes, and I dreamed." Read more about Savvy Girl: Brittany Deal

Good Gab: Liza Theval of Jiwa by LTheval

Beach City Life Style - Good Gab: Liza

January has come and gone, and can you even remember your New Year’s resolutions? Sometimes we need a boost to stay on track and that’s where jewelry comes in. Yes… jewelry. Depending on the stones you wear, many believe you can promote different energies. Even if you aren’t into them for their energetic benefits, they sure are pretty to wear. And that itself can give you some good energy.

We talked with local artisan Liza Theval about her line of jewelry Jiwa by L Theval that incorporates different stones for different energies. On top of making a creative line of jewelry she can also be found running Redondo Beach’s Dominique’s Kitchen with her husband Chef Dominique. She’s got a lot on her plate and the energy to do it, so she just might be on to something!

BCLS: How did you get into making jewelry? Read more about Good Gab: Liza Theval of Jiwa by LTheval

In the Garden with Linda Ly of Garden Betty

Beach City Life Style - In the Garden with Linda Ly of Garden Betty


Fascinating, adventurous, adorable, and filled with so much knowlegable about so many things, are how I would describe Garden Betty a blog by Linda Ly that I can't get enough of. I was so intrigued by it that I reached out to Linda and asked her if I could come see what this garden is all about. Not surprising by any means, she was warm and welcoming as she opened the door to her little piece of heaven. I was amazed that such a property (10,000 sq ft lot) still existed in our area of So Cal. So, I wanted to know every detail about how she became "Garden Betty." Read more about In the Garden with Linda Ly of Garden Betty

Good Gab: Ji of Blooms In The Air

Beach City Life Style - South Bay Secrets: Ji of Blooms In The Air

by Sharon Fain~

I am such a fan of fresh flowers. They can really set the tone for a space.  What I am not a fan of is watering and then throwing out dead flowers which have started to smell a little. That’s why when I came across Blooms in the Air at a Unique LA show a year ago I got so excited. Ji Kim makes the most amazing, intricate and color flowers… all from paper! She’s truly a master at it and she makes something for everyone… in all sizes, colors and variety of flower. A South Bay local who designs from her studio in Torrance, she was kind enough to share with us a bit more about her business.

BCLS: So, can you describe your business a bit? Read more about Good Gab: Ji of Blooms In The Air

South Bay Secret: Localite LA

Beach City Life Style - Localite PR

Right here in the South Bay we have the best-of-the-best when it comes to marketing and PR. Localite LA is a Beach City-based boutique public relations and marketing agency specializing in the lifestyle, restaurant, entertainment, and consumer markets. The 3 marketing gurus that run the show at Localite LA are Mathew McIvor, Jennalee Infanto, and Bryanne Lawless. As a team they are on top of what's new and what's happening around the South Bay and beyond. Before Localite LA Matt and Jenn started LA Wonders where they bring to their many followers all the latest on the food, wine, craft beer scene throughout the So Cal area. Read more about South Bay Secret: Localite LA

around the bay

Beach City Life & Style

This weekend is one of the favorites around here as it's Hometown Fair time once again! I'm also super excited and anticipating the opening of the Trina Turk boutique in Manhattan Beach! The new building on the corner of Morningside and Manhattan Beach Blvd. has put up signs announcing Trina Turk's arrival. Her boutiques are always filled with color, glamour, and So Cal inspired designs.  Read more about around the bay