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Good Gab: Ji of Blooms In The Air

Beach City Life Style - South Bay Secrets: Ji of Blooms In The Air

by Sharon Fain~

I am such a fan of fresh flowers. They can really set the tone for a space.  What I am not a fan of is watering and then throwing out dead flowers which have started to smell a little. That’s why when I came across Blooms in the Air at a Unique LA show a year ago I got so excited. Ji Kim makes the most amazing, intricate and color flowers… all from paper! She’s truly a master at it and she makes something for everyone… in all sizes, colors and variety of flower. A South Bay local who designs from her studio in Torrance, she was kind enough to share with us a bit more about her business.

BCLS: So, can you describe your business a bit? Read more about Good Gab: Ji of Blooms In The Air

South Bay Secret: Localite LA

Beach City Life Style - Localite PR

Right here in the South Bay we have the best-of-the-best when it comes to marketing and PR. Localite LA is a Beach City-based boutique public relations and marketing agency specializing in the lifestyle, restaurant, entertainment, and consumer markets. The 3 marketing gurus that run the show at Localite LA are Mathew McIvor, Jennalee Infanto, and Bryanne Lawless. As a team they are on top of what's new and what's happening around the South Bay and beyond. Before Localite LA Matt and Jenn started LA Wonders where they bring to their many followers all the latest on the food, wine, craft beer scene throughout the So Cal area. Read more about South Bay Secret: Localite LA

around the bay

Beach City Life & Style

This weekend is one of the favorites around here as it's Hometown Fair time once again! I'm also super excited and anticipating the opening of the Trina Turk boutique in Manhattan Beach! The new building on the corner of Morningside and Manhattan Beach Blvd. has put up signs announcing Trina Turk's arrival. Her boutiques are always filled with color, glamour, and So Cal inspired designs.  Read more about around the bay

fashion + beach = DVF

 One of my favorite fashion people is Diane von Furstenberg. Born in 1946, she first brought her famous wrap dress into the public eye in the 70s. Brilliantly, she is now designing swimwear for the modern girl and teaming up with Roxy to influence a whole new generation. I admire her longevity within the fashion industry and I love the fact that she is an over 60 role model for women of all ages.  Read more about fashion + beach = DVF

Maria Sharapova in our hood

Beach City Life Style - Maria Sharapova in our hood

I thought this would be a fun thing to do. Rumor has it that Ms. Sharapova lives around here. I've actually seen her a couple of times around town. It's always fun "celebrity" spotting, although I would never bother them in their daily lives. So, here's a chance to meet her if you're so inclined. 

Hope you're having a great week!  Teri Read more about Maria Sharapova in our hood

fox sports west girl!

Beach City Life & Style

I have a little favor to ask you. Since I've been working with Emily over at The Stylist LA, I've met her assistant Katie who is adorable, sweet, articulate, and just so likeable. She made the top 10 to be the next Fox Sports West Girl and you can vote for her here  bit.ly/Xq8CSc

Voting is through April 8th, so vote as often as you can! Click on her stars to "rate this girl."  Thanks so much! It'll be fun seeing her on TV and at all the sporting events! Follow her on Twitter @Katie_Wee

xo Teri Read more about fox sports west girl!

Beach Nest-Emily of The Stylist LA

Beach City Life & Style

One of my favorite people I've met since writing my blog is Emily of The Stylist LA. We've become friends and have regular coffee dates which brings me so much inspiration. The first thing I always say about her is that she's the hardest working twenty-something person around. I'm constantly in awe by her late night tweets and weekend updates all while working diligently. I wrote about her here, which has been almost 2 years now and her business is growing wildly so I must do an update soon! 

However, I shot these photos of her place back in the summer and so before the end of the year is up, and since this is my last Beach Nest post of the series, I wanted to share them with you.  Read more about Beach Nest-Emily of The Stylist LA

Fitness Flower

Beach City Life & Style

I'm always a fan of people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. I know how scary it can be to create something from your vision and present it to anyone, let alone the public at large. Estelle Shaw is a South Bay local who I met through my blog. I'm so excited for her that she is launching her company and first product this month. I think it's such a great concept and idea, and she's the perfect one to represent the line, as she is a busy working mom herself. I wanted her to tell you in her own words a little bit about Fitness Flower

In a sentence tell us about the product-

Six convenient exercises, to be done as part of your bathroom routine, that get you into shape in less than 10 minutes a day.

I created Fitness Flower to encourage women to incorporate fitness into their busy schedules, without taking any additional time out of their day. Read more about Fitness Flower

Remembering Our Veterans

Beach City Life & Style
Beach City Life & Style

Thanks to all who serve and have served our country! Read more about Remembering Our Veterans


Beach City Life Style - BARSHA

BARSHA is my new favorite beach city find. Tomorrow night we're having a little get together with my friends at The Beach Reporter so come by and sip some wine with us. If you haven't been to BARSHA yet, this is your chance to check it out. The owners are a husband and wife team and who are passionate about food and wine and sharing their knowledge, plus they couldn't be more lovely and welcoming. It's the kind of place you want to bring your friends to and hang out.

Hope to see you there! Read more about BARSHA