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South Bay

Nick Shattuck

Beach City Life Style - Nick Shattuck

Growing up in the South Bay and being able to spend every summer enjoying the beaches literally from sun up to sun down, one can take for granted this lifestyle. When you meet someone who would pack up everything they own leaving their family and everything they've known behind just to live the beach-city life and pursue their dreams, it's important to recognize the magnitude of that.  It's a realization of being fortunate enough to have grown up in a place others dream about living, but also sheds light on the perserverance on one's part to make the decision to leave home and find their way in an unknown place. Nick Shattuck did just that when he left his small town in Wisconsin. "I think I always had an urge to leave," is what he told me after I asked him about making that decision. After falling in love with Southern California and continuing on his path of singer/songwriter, he knew this was the place he wanted to settle. Read more about Nick Shattuck

Poise Fitness

Beach City Life Style - Poise Fitness

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to kick us in the booty and get us back on track with our workouts. However, we want our exercise to come with results, to come quickly, hopefully pain free, and we want to have some fun while doing it. Thankfully Poise Fitness in Hermosa Beach has taken all of that into consideration for us. Upon entering Poise one gets an immediate sense that this place has energy but not in a frenetic way. It's a "good" energy. Partners Justin, Rachel, and Rashad have come up with a fabulous method for getting us in shape and each session is just an hour!  They do it with equal parts strength training, cardio, and functional movement. Read more about Poise Fitness

The Hook & Plow

Beach City Life Style - Hook and Plow


The latest in the string of farm-to-table eateries to open its doors to all of us hungry beach people is Hermosa Beach’s The Hook & Plow. Part bistro, part beer garden, part evening café, this central Pier Avenue spot is about to become your local hang.

Most of The Hook & Plow’s dining tables are situated on the sunny patio, and the setting is low-key and flip-flop friendly. The beer and wine bar is stocked with an impressive all-SoCal variety. A fun selection of “mock-tails” (made from wine-based vodka) adds an artisanal flair to the beverage menu. Read more about The Hook & Plow

grimaldis pizzeria

Beach City Life Style - grimaldis pizzeria

As a die-hard pizza lover, I’ve devoted many, many years of my life to the quest for the perfect pie. My extensive research has included experiments with cardboard-like frozen pizzas, street pizza, “gourmet” pizza with whacky toppings, thin crust, thick crust—you name it. It is my firm belief that even so-so pizza tastes better than most everything else, but really, really good pizza can be a truly elevated gastronomical experience. This brings me to Grimaldi’s, El Segundo’s Zagat-rated, straight-outta-New-York pizzeria. Read more about grimaldis pizzeria

Neena Creates

Beach City Life Style - Neena Creates

Penelope Valencia creates inspired designs with words and phrases that remind us about all the good things in life. Printing on soft fabrics using a hand crafted technique, her end product is whimsical and beautiful like the life that inspires her creations. We caught up with Penelope and found out a little more about what's behind artful technique and way of thinking.

 Introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business

Hello! My name is Penelope and I'm a hopeless romantic, daydreamer, Jane Austen devotee, and all around book nerd living in Redondo Beach. I uniquely hand print/paint clothing and accessories using a homemade silk screen Read more about Neena Creates

weekend memo

Beach City Life Style - weekend memo

It's finally Friday and happy May!  So, not only are we thinking about the weekend ahead but also the fact that Cinco De Mayo is Monday, and next weekend is Mother's Day. There's lots to do in the weeks ahead.  Happy Weekend! Enjoy. 


First off, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in El Segundo has a fantastic seasonal pizza from May 1st – 31st. If you haven't been to Grimaldi's yet, it's the perfect time to try it. This month they're featuring their Bruschetta pizza inspired by the classic Italian antipasto. Yum!

Like all of their pizzas, the Bruschetta pizza is fired in Grimaldi’s 25-ton anthracite coal-fired brick oven, which reaches temperatures of more than 1,200 degrees, creating their signature crispy and smoky thin crust.

Grimaldi’s El Segundo is located at 2121 Rosecrans Ave. in El Segundo. 

  Read more about weekend memo

weekend top 5 to do

Beach City Life Style - weekend top 5 to do

This seems to be a busy weekend around the South Bay. Here are just a few events taking place. Be sure to check our calendar for more events and happenings around town. Have a wonderful weekend!

Handmade in South Bay 1st Annual Spring Boutique Read more about weekend top 5 to do

top 10 reasons we love the South Bay!

Beach City Life Style - top 10 reasons we love the South Bay!

Yesterday we asked our Twitter followers why they love living in the South Bay of L.A. So we thought we'd list our top 10 reasons why we do. Obviously the reason we devoted this website to highlighting all of our favorite things about the beach cities and this area of So Cal is because we think it's the greatest place on earth filled with amazing people, places, and things. We have way more than just 10 on our list, but for now here are our "first" 10 reason why we love it here: 

1. The weather! Typically in the seventies at all times. Yes, we could use more rain. Otherwise we have weather perfection on a daily basis. 

2. The restaurants - Where to we begin. There are old favorites and lots of new one popping up on a daily basis. So much so this is happening in our own backyard! Read more about top 10 reasons we love the South Bay!

Weekend Easter Dining

Beach City Life Style - Weekend Easter Dining

Our top 5 picks for a fun, fabulous Easter Sunday Brunch...

Flemings Steakhouse in El Segundo has created a special Sunday Easter Brunch menu with things like Lobster Bisque! 10:30am-2:pm call ahead! 

Doma Kitchen in  Redondo Beach 8am-2pm is celebrating their 1st Easter Sunday with some special recipes whipped up for a sweet Easter treat! 

Baleen Kitchen in Redondo Beach always gets is right with their waterfront dining and delicious menu options. 10:30-2:30 call ahead for reservations!

Cafe Del Rey in Marina Del Rey 10:30am -2:30pm is offering a THREE COURSE PRIX FIXE includes sparkling wine, mimosas, bloody mary’s or sparkling cider. Read more about Weekend Easter Dining


Beach City Life Style - waverly

Some shopping experiences are like being in your most stylish friend's closet and wanting everything they have. That is what it's like shopping at Waverly Boutique in Manhattan Beach. Owner Marissa Marsh is just like that most stylish girlfriend only she selects everything for the boutique, and perusing all her great finds you feel like you've hit the jackpot. From season to season, Marissa scours showrooms to bring to the shop the latest and greatest of what's out there straight to Waverly. From great jewelry, to hats, to bags, to shoes, dresses, and separates you'll find what you need for every occasion. Before the summer weather hits, Marissa has her eye on pieces to bring to her customers that will fit for a day at the beach, a festival weekend, or a cruise in the Mediterranean. Her keen eye has her on the lookout constantly for the next season's inspirational pieces. Read more about waverly