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South Bay


Beach City Life Style - waverly

Some shopping experiences are like being in your most stylish friend's closet and wanting everything they have. That is what it's like shopping at Waverly Boutique in Manhattan Beach. Owner Marissa Marsh is just like that most stylish girlfriend only she selects everything for the boutique, and perusing all her great finds you feel like you've hit the jackpot. From season to season, Marissa scours showrooms to bring to the shop the latest and greatest of what's out there straight to Waverly. From great jewelry, to hats, to bags, to shoes, dresses, and separates you'll find what you need for every occasion. Before the summer weather hits, Marissa has her eye on pieces to bring to her customers that will fit for a day at the beach, a festival weekend, or a cruise in the Mediterranean. Her keen eye has her on the lookout constantly for the next season's inspirational pieces. Read more about waverly

Doma Kitchen

Beach City Life Style - Doma Kitchen

We've written about Doma Kitchen before, but just wanted to give you all a little reminder. We were invited to a lovely tasting and wanted to share some of our favorites- Read more about Doma Kitchen

Hale Pilates Method

Beach City Life Style - Hale Pilates

Actress Brooke Butler who is a South Bay resident and who is BCLS's resident model was happy to explore a Pilates class at HALE in Redondo Beach. Jane was the instructor that morning and naturally made a HALE Pilates Method convert out of Brooke. 

Founders Kristen Betancur and Jane Guerra have been friends since college and share a mutual passion for health and wellness. They believe that when you feel strong, healthy, and full of energy, you are able to accomplish the most in life. From this belief, HALE was born. Jane and Kristen wanted to create a space where people can come together, to push and support each other, in achieving their goals. Read more about Hale Pilates Method

weekend memo- top 5 to do

Beach City Life Style - weekend memo- top 5 to do

4 charities we love

Beach City Life Style - 4 charities we love

The South Bay of So Cal is a giving population with many wonderful charities and organizations that were begun by locals to serve and fill a need. These are just 4 of the many special groups that we're listing today, and we know there are so many more that constantly need help, volunteers, and support: 

Surfrider Foundation whose mission is is the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Started by 3 people in Malibu 25 years ago, Surfrider Foundation is near and dear to Southern Californians and beach lovers alike. They have many programs and campaigns including local chapters to get involved in and help educate about ocean health and the wildlife it houses, conservation, and preserving natural reefs and surf spots from disappearing, plus so much more! Read more about 4 charities we love

weekend memo- top 5 to do

Beach City Life Style - weekend memo- top 5 to do

First on our list is a way to begin to get ready for summer and swimsuits! Hip Studio in Hermosa Beach is offering a Barre Workshop on March 29th from 4:00-5:30. Two of their master instructors Suzie & Kayte, will show you how to go deeper in your barre workouts by lifting your seat, tightening your abs and toning your arms all to 80's tunes. Leg warmers & bodysuits optional!. Their instructors focus on correcting individual form, while the other instructor teaches each segment. Workshop is from 4 - 5:30pm, donation based and open to anyone.To reserve a spot sign up at hipstudio.com. Read more about weekend memo- top 5 to do

student life: movies

Beach City Life Style - student life: movies

We're always curious about what High School students are up to. Our Mira Costa student contributor, Aili David, asked her fellow classmates what movies they've seen and loved. Here's what they told her:  Read more about student life: movies

Beach Bites: Dia de Campo

Beach City Life Style - *Beach Bites: Dia De Campo

For many months, I’ve distracted myself during tough Bar Method classes by staring out the window at the busy construction site across the street. I finally got to see what all the action was about when I tried downtown Hermosa Beach’s latest culinary endeavor for a menu tasting with a friend. Like its counterparts Abigaile around the corner and Little Sister in Manhattan Beach, Dia de Campo offers an of-the-minute take on traditional fare--in this case, Latin-inspired seafood with an emphasis on sustainable and seasonal. Read more about Beach Bites: Dia de Campo

weekend memo- top 5 to do

Beach City Life Style - weekend Memo- top 5 to do

Although we haven't had much of a winter over here on this coast, it's certainly always refreshing when spring arrives. Can you feel the shift in the air already? Next stop, summer. Here are a few things we have planned for this first weekend in spring:  Read more about weekend memo- top 5 to do

Beach Bites: R10 Social House

Beach City Life Style - R10 Social House

Redondo Beach’s R10 Social House is one of the latest and most-anticipated projects to open during the South Bay’s culinary renaissance. Catering to locals and named after a popular meeting point for seafarers—the R10 buoy—the gastropub aims to take the “farm to table” concept a step further. “Our menu is more ‘farm-to-fork,” says owner George Loren, “We source local, organic, free-range meat, poultry, and eggs, line-caught and sustainable seafood, and the freshest organic produce. The yellowtail we just received was brought straight from the boat into our kitchen. I think Redondo Beach is ready for this.”
R10 boasts a thoughtful, artisanal approach to beverage service as well, featuring house-infused liquors and syrups, fresh herbs, and hand-squeezed juices in scratch cocktails. The beer and wine lists are carefully curated, with a wide variety of small-batch breweries and vintners represented.
Read more about Beach Bites: R10 Social House