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Neena Creates

Beach City Life Style - Neena Creates

Penelope Valencia creates inspired designs with words and phrases that remind us about all the good things in life. Printing on soft fabrics using a hand crafted technique, her end product is whimsical and beautiful like the life that inspires her creations. We caught up with Penelope and found out a little more about what's behind artful technique and way of thinking.

 Introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business

Hello! My name is Penelope and I'm a hopeless romantic, daydreamer, Jane Austen devotee, and all around book nerd living in Redondo Beach. I uniquely hand print/paint clothing and accessories using a homemade silk screen Read more about Neena Creates

Mother's Day Gifts

sunshine yellow

Beach City Life Style - sunshine yellow

The color yellow always puts us in a good mood. It's appropriate (we think) to be inspired by all year round. Just like the sunshine, we want to see it everday! Here are a few items from around the web in our favorite color!  Read more about sunshine yellow


Beach City Life Style - waverly

Some shopping experiences are like being in your most stylish friend's closet and wanting everything they have. That is what it's like shopping at Waverly Boutique in Manhattan Beach. Owner Marissa Marsh is just like that most stylish girlfriend only she selects everything for the boutique, and perusing all her great finds you feel like you've hit the jackpot. From season to season, Marissa scours showrooms to bring to the shop the latest and greatest of what's out there straight to Waverly. From great jewelry, to hats, to bags, to shoes, dresses, and separates you'll find what you need for every occasion. Before the summer weather hits, Marissa has her eye on pieces to bring to her customers that will fit for a day at the beach, a festival weekend, or a cruise in the Mediterranean. Her keen eye has her on the lookout constantly for the next season's inspirational pieces. Read more about waverly

Easter Basket

Beach City Life Style - Easter Basket

With Easter just around the corner - April 20th, to be exact - we’ve gathered some sweet (pun intended) items to help you create the perfect Easter basket. As many of you know, creating the perfect Easter basket starts with the basket. Along with the traditional, we like to consider containers that serve as cool storage after the holiday is over. After we choose the perfect basket, we begin filling it with yummy treats, like a chocolate Easter bunny from Godiva and cookies from Eleni’s that the kids can color with special markers. After the treats, we then start thinking about fun and crafty gifts. Read more about Easter Basket

Spring in the making

Beach City Life Style - spring in the making

Spring break vacations are not for everyone. Sometimes it’s just fine to unwind, relax, and even catch-up on our sleep during a stay-cation.  It’s also a great time to learn a crafty new skill or try a new little creative project with the kids (purely optional of course). Here are a few ideas for creative making for springtime – many can be done in no time!

Nail Polish Eggs

Embroidery Necklaces


Confetti Kite

Cast Planters

Washi Tape Flower Art



~written by Stacy Wong Read more about Spring in the making

Karma Clothing

Beach City Life Style - Karma Clothing


Donnelle Weaver owner of Karma Clothing Boutique has given the idea of resale clothing a complete makeover. Not only is the shop beautifully merchandised and filled with so many great things, but a percentage of all the items sold go to a charity of your choosing. It’s the perfect way to mix the concept of giving back, and the need  to purge our closets, but it’s also a charming place to shop and find great fashion without breaking the bank.

L.A. & Beyond: Vintage Flea and Antique Markets

Beach City Life Style - Fleas & Markets

Who says LA doesn’t have any good antique and vintage markets?  The greater Los Angeles area has some of the top spots for antique and treasure hunting and some of these markets consistently rank among the top markets by flea market aficionados.  Where do you hunt for your vintage treasures? Here are some of our favorites-

Rose Bowl Flea Market – the grand-daddy of all fleas in the greater Los Angeles area. Held the second Sunday of each month. Featuring over 2500 vendors and 20,000 visitors each month. Recognized nationally as one of American’s best fleas,  this market is known for antique hunters and celebrities.

 http://rgcshows.com/rosebowl.aspx Read more about L.A. & Beyond: Vintage Flea and Antique Markets

Top 3 at Total Wine & More

Beach City Life Style - Top 3 at Total Wines

A  couple of weeks ago I happily headed over to the Total Wine & More shop in Redondo Beach for an intimate wine tasting. My ultimate goal was to learn something new and find a couple of favorites that would be my go-to choices under $20. The selection at Total Wine & More is large so whatever you're looking for in terms of beverage selection, you'll find it there. I needed my choices narrowed down and wanted to find good quality with a reasonable price and get over the notion that a wine has to cost a lot to be suitable for a dinner party gift. Their wine manager, Joyce, led me through a few selections and I quickly narrowed it down to my 3 favorites. Read more about Top 3 at Total Wine & More

shop talk: a jewelry crush

Beach City Life Style - a jewelry crush

We recently came across this fabulous line of jewelry created by Jennifer FitzPatrick of A Jewelry Crush. The elements she uses are close to our hearts because they are a perfect fit for beach life and warm climates styled with the perfect summer frocks. Jennifer creates all the unique pieces using wonderful gemstones, turquoise, gold and rose gold. Each design is original and beautifully crafted inspired by her love of travel, nature, art, color and texture. Jennifer admits she wanted to create jewelry that she would wear, " Simple, elegant and easy-to-wear jewelry  for the everyday woman."   Read more about shop talk: a jewelry crush